Greener sound solutions


What is it?

BioPhon™ is a mix of locally-grown hemp and a starch-based binder, delivered in panels for acoustic applications. The panels are produced for architects and builders who want good acoustics and a greener sound-absorbing material.   


How is it used?

BioPhon™ cuts down on echo and reverberation in indoor spaces that need it like schools and offices. It is installed just like conventional acoustic materials, but with less impact on indoor and outdoor environments. BioPhon™ requires the same amount of space, is less messy, and performs as well as alternatives. And its appearance is easily adaptable to your design needs. BioPhon™ can be painted, have textiles or wools attached to it, or have patterns pressed into it.


Why choose it?

It’s biodegradable

The natural fibers in BioPhon™ are sourced from responsible EU farmers and processed locally in Sweden, which cuts down on transportation impact. Its organic materials mean that the acoustic panels are fully biodegradable. And BioPhon™ is a greener choice for indoor air quality than many standard acoustic materials.

It improves your building’s performance

BioPhon™ deflects and dampens unwanted echo and reverberation. It brings peace to the ear in indoor spaces, but without the negative environmental impact of conventional sound absorption materials. And because it doesn’t produce harmful dust when handled or bumped, BioPhon™ makes for much cleaner indoor air.

It’s a green product that’s easy to use

BioPhon™ performs as well as alternative acoustic treatments. It’s an easy-to-use green alternative.