Enjoying Elmia Subcontractor

Trifilon's Martin Lidstrand (left) and Jeremiah Dutton (right) pose with EPIC's new PhantomBio

Trifilon's Martin Lidstrand (left) and Jeremiah Dutton (right) pose with EPIC's new PhantomBio

Elmia Subcontractor - Scandinavia's largest industrial trade expo.  What an experience!  With visitors and exhibitors from 29 different countries, it was a fantastic 4 days of meeting designers, engineers, manufacturers and hundreds of students that were all keenly interested in sustainability, lightweight design and new materials.  We're already looking forward to next year!

Trifilon interview on Carnegie website

Carnegie investment bank has posted an interview with Trifilon co-founder Martin Lidstrand. Trifilon was named one of four finalists, selected by judges at newspaper SvD and Carnegie, for the "framtidens entreprenör" selection. Read what Martin thinks were Trifilon's most decisive decisions as well as the company's humble beginnings in a Stockholm basement.

Nominated again and in Swedish daily newspaper


Trifilon is one of four finalists in the naming of the “Entrepreneur of the Future” by newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and investment bank Carnegie. You can click the link to vote for us (even though we're not sure it does any good, seeing as we've already been named a finalist by the judges). Also, see a video of Martin giving a 15-second presentation, here. And share on Facebook if you're extra nice.

How to make it in China? Win an award

SHFTZ Award.jpeg

We won an award! A campaign to explore new material technologies in China selected Trifilon and three other companies out of 60. It’s part of a from-the-Nordics showcase of manufacturing innovation, and we were told by an ambassador in China that we were the only company presented at an incubator trade fair in Shanghai. The award comes from an organization called SHFTZ, a gear in the larger effort to develop domestic manufacturing innovation called “Made in China 2025,” which has gotten some media attention in the West. The gargantuan potential in Chinese markets for consumer goods, automotive parts, and packaging, to name a few, is no secret. How to find a viable path to entry and operation in China isn’t always so obvious. But one in the long list of goals of the “Made in China” initiative is to drastically increase organic materials in domestic manufacturing, and fast. So “Made in China” hopes to offer schemes by which foreign tech firms partner with domestic players and money

EPIC+Trifilon = 903 kg of CO2 in the bag


Trifilon has signed a five-year exclusivity deal with EPIC Travelgear, a sign the luggage manufacturer thinks that a Trifilon tag on their bags can give them an edge in the Nordic market. EPIC's CEO Johan Närstad had this to say about the commitment: “Trifilon’s environmental mission and their business values resonated with us. And we want to see where we can take this partnership, producing exclusive, sustainable luggage.” We are happy to oblige. Last week we finished delivering our 3rd shipment of BioLite to EPIC for 2017. How much CO2 is sequestered by the hemp in that shipment? We count 903 kilograms of carbon dioxide trapped by the hemp in EPIC’s new PhantomBIO cabin bags.

…and it’s on the market now // School to use BioPhon™

Nyköpings Högstadium - aiming to be "Sweden's most interesting school."

Nyköpings Högstadium - aiming to be "Sweden's most interesting school."

We’re set to begin delivery of BioPhon™ for the construction of a building for Nyköpings Högstadium, a middle school that bills itself as “Sweden’s most interesting school.” We especially like this contract because BioPhon™ can improve indoor environments (and thus health conditions for kids) in two important ways: by reducing decibel levels and doing so without unhealthy particulates in the air. We will start deliveries to the construction project this fall, put into motion by Nyköping Municipality where we currently have our production facilities. BioPhon™ was an easy choice to fulfill contract specifications for natural fiber-based sound protection that is produced locally.

Skanska considers BioPhon™ in fight for climate // We make the finals

Construction giant Skanska seems to like our BioPhon acoustic treatment, if progress in their competition called the Deep Green Challenge is any indication. We’ve been told that BioPhon™ has made the cut for the top 15 entries of construction innovations that would reduce climate impact. We ourselves find the technology in BioPhon™ especially exciting because, while the sound-insulating panels can be made with a blend of recycled PET and hemp fibers, we have also developed a special combination of eco-friendly hemp fibers and a bio-based binder. And that means a fully-biodegradable construction material, a rarity. Its potential for CO2 sequestration gives BioPhon™ its biggest climate credentials. But two other criteria for the challenge are that the building solution performs well and is easily adaptable to Skanska’s construction processes. Those match two of our core sustainability principles, so we like our chances to be named a finalist and win a major contract with Skanska. The announcement will be made in October.

Luggage evolution: From carrier of swords to biodegradable tote

EPIC's new PhantomBIO case using Trifilon's BioLite.  

EPIC's new PhantomBIO case using Trifilon's BioLite.  

Thinking of our collaboration with Epic Travelgear, we found this fun infographic about the evolution of luggage starting with rolling vessels for weapons in the Middle Ages and carts drawn by elephants and, later, Louis Vuitton’s 1870s “steamer trunks.” In the early 1900s an American company began bragging their bags were “hard enough to stand on.” And the collapsible tow handle was patented as late as 1994. Surely we could add that cheap and easy air travel and the development of plastics have helped fuel an exponential growth in people who want to run around sprawling airports dragging their stuff. Last year 120 million Chinese citizens traveled abroad, and there’s more to come as people there enter the middle class. How big is a mountain of 120 million suitcases at the garbage dump? The infographic even takes a look into the future. One bag climbs stairs, and another has GPS. Perhaps the biodegradable, mass-produced suitcase is next on the timeline.

We didn’t start the fire… or cause hyperthyroidism

Trifilon's Martin Lidstrand doing some initial fire testing with his ISO, NASA calibrated fire device.

Trifilon's Martin Lidstrand doing some initial fire testing with his ISO, NASA calibrated fire device.

Speaking of organic building materials, our new BioPhon has passed a fire ignitablity test in which the testers casually leave a smoldering cigarette on our acoustic panels and wait for it to catch fire. Why? To make sure they won’t accelerate fires in our homes. As we swap out synthetic building materials – which are often unhealthy and bad for the environment – with sustainable or organic ones, it’s important that we maintain modern safety standards. Do we lose green points because we dip BioPhon in suspicious chemicals (like the flame retardants mentioned in this NY Times article giving cats hyperthyroidism)? Our way or fire-proofing BioPhon is so not dangerous that you can eat the treatment solution. No joke.

The plant part of the deal

Raw Hemp.jpg

With climate change recently on the front page, we’d like to take the time to rehearse this obvious fact: There’s big business when governments commit to lowering carbon emissions. And that’s even true for material producers like us. Our organic ingredients make us a climate-friendly choice. Hemp (or other plants) in plastic means: 1) There’s lower demand for petroleum-derived polymers; 2) New fields of hemp crops get busy soaking up and storing carbon. Read about carbon sequestration as it relates to hemp in building materials in this 2014 Guardian article.

From near and far, they journeyed to see plastics

Super cars, super prototypes and super biocomposites at Plastteknik 2017 in Malmö.

Super cars, super prototypes and super biocomposites at Plastteknik 2017 in Malmö.

A round-up and pics from one of the nerdiest trade fairs in the Nordics: Our stand was a surprise hit with at least 200 percent more visitors than last year thanks in part to exhibition partners Cliff Models and Composite Design. Our combined display featured a carbon-fiber car not to mention our own sleek items. Lots of visitors, including from the Czech Republic and Bangladesh, were curious about organic materials.

Does green sound-treatment perform?

Trifilon Biophon prep'd for flow resistance and absorption testing at MWL Lab, KTH 

Trifilon Biophon prep'd for flow resistance and absorption testing at MWL Lab, KTH 

Will our biodegradable BioPhon™ deflect, dampen, deaden and absorb as well as the conventional stuff? The prestigious KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) is testing it. Stay tuned.

Our biocomposite acoustic panels are available to eco-minded builders and architects who want to reduce echo and reverberation inside of the living spaces that need it, like schools and offices. Our organic material is sourced in northern Europe, which cuts down on the transportation footprint. And our new BioPhon™ is better for indoor air quality as well.

Does your luggage have Trifilon?

EPIC's new eco-minded Phantom, launched at the Las Vegas International Travel Goods Show, April 2017  

EPIC's new eco-minded Phantom, launched at the Las Vegas International Travel Goods Show, April 2017  

In the near future, we’re hoping eco-minded travelers will notice Trifilon logos at the airport as they head off for adventure. We’re set to help EPIC Travelgear take another step towards sustainability. This month we'll begin deliveries to EPIC, Scandinavia’s leading travel accessory brand. Our granulates will form the lightweight shells in the updated Phantom luggage line, now with an ecological profile. EPIC will also be using organic hemp for the lining. Global travel and the luggage industry is growing especially in Asia and Africa. We’re pleased to give eco-minded customers a reason to choose EPIC over other alternatives. We're also happy to help a responsible manufacturer take another step towards green travel.

Look for EPIC's new eco-minded travel gear this autumn in your local luggage shop!  

Plastic nerds unite


Curious about greener acoustic materials? Come feel (and maybe even yell into) our new sound absorbing panels at the Plastteknik Trade Fair May 17 and May 18 in Malmö. At the biggest stage for polymer production and design in the Nordics, we’re hoping to create a buzz (or else sound-absorb the buzz).

There’s lots to show and tell about. Since last year we’ve also become the first biocomposite to meet all requirements for exterior automotive panels. We'll be right at the main entrance so you can't miss us - stand E02.  This year we’ll be exhibiting with Cliff Models and Composite Design Sweden.  Composite Design will be showcasing a unique, one-of-a-kind supercar in our stand.

Green Light for Trifilon's BioLite® AP21

Trifilon BioLite AP21

After nearly two years of trials and refinement, Trifilon's BioLite® AP21 has passed all of the tests that its collaboration partner Plastal has put forward. With the final cold impact and high pressure blast tests getting the green light, BioLite® AP21 becomes the first biocomposite to meet the strenuois demands set out by the automotive industry for exterior plastics. While demands on interior components like door trim and dashboard panels are high, exterior components have to also meet and pass tough UV, moisture absorption, paintability and cold impact requirements.

According to Plastal's Manager of Engineering Services, Ragnar Sandmark, the collaboration with Trifilon to create a lightweight, more sustainable material for high volume production has produced positive results since it started in 2015. "We are quite satisfied with the results of the collaboration with Trifilon and see good potential for their BioLite® AP21 in several applications. It's cut weight in all the trials we've done and even out performed on the cold impact tests, which was surprising."

Trifilon's BioLite® AP21 is a specially formulated biocomposite that utilizes a polypropylene base reinforced with optimized hemp fibers.  Available in standard 3mm granulates, BioLite® AP21 has been engineered for use in conventional injection molding machinery and does not require any special equipment.   

"We're very excited to be moving into the next phase in our collaboration with Plastal," says Martin Lidstrand, Trifilon's found and CEO, "Given the focus on weight reduction and sustainability at the moment, we really hope BioLite
® can contribute to moving these positive trends forward."