Why not now?

“Why isn’t there a good green alternative… now?”

We began with that question in 2012. “Plastic” – now associated with carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and fossil fuel dependence – has become a dirty word to many. Trifilon’s founders wanted to offer a renewable, sustainable, and viable replacement for manufacturers, one they could use right away.

If your business is making things then you know that’s no small order. The strength, adaptability, and affordability of polymers mean they surround us, in products that improve our lives and livelihoods.

Using technology developed at Linköping University, Trifilon’s biocomposites mean that manufacturers can keep making quality products. But, perhaps more valuably, they can give an assurance about the origin of the product’s materials.

That is not an assurance to be shrugged off. Study after study shows the increasing importance of sustainability marketing. Millennials say it is a key driver when making purchases.

Your product becomes more sustainable with Trifilon’s biocomposites because they:

·       are recyclable

·       are made nearer to home

·       are lighter

·       contain renewable, biodegradable ingredients

·       replace non-renewable materials

The biocomposites also look more natural, a plus as the demand for green products shapes aesthetics.

Our environmentalism isn’t radical. It’s practical. Our solution wasn’t dreaming of utopia. It was figuring out the next step.

We hope you’ll take it with us.