Trifilon’s podcast

Trifilon’s “Materials from Sweden” podcast features conversations with experts of all stripes. We cover the themes of materials, especially those found in consumer products, and also sustainability from any and all perspectives.

You can currently stream and download episodes from this website. The podcast is also currently published to iTunes, Spotify, and ACast. A number of other distributors also list the show.

Thinking of joining?

We invite academics, non-profit experts, industrialists, business people, entrepreneurs, researchers, and politicians to participate in this conversation. The pod chats are oriented towards non-experts and participants are asked to speak about what topics they can discuss best. The host asks questions to explore interesting avenues or to clarify or explain certain points. Though it’s not required, guests are invited to chat with the host before taping in order to discuss possible topics. Guests may set the tone, lead the discussion, and do most of the talking.

We set aside at least 60 minutes for the taping, but guests may do more or less as they like. With some exceptions, we typically tape at our sales office in Sankt Eriksplan.

Why are we doing a podcast?

One of our company values is “Lead with green.” That’s to say Trifilon sees its core business as offering manufacturers greener plastic technologies, and “greener” in ways they can measure and improve upon. Conversations about materials and the reasons they end up in certain applications in our society are efforts to make manufacturing processes more transparent and hopefully more sustainable. Conversations about sustainability issues, with business people listening, can help spread those ideals and work against economic compartmentalization or deferral of responsibility.

We want our brand to be associated with these conversations. We believe they represent a growing ecological awareness and a new way of doing business. Those form our customer demand.