Greener Plastics


Dear eco-minded makers,

Plastic is in cars, chairs, toys, and phones. It helps entertain us, feed us, house us, keep us healthy, and connect us. To lower the impact on our planet, must we give up those things?

We serve architects, designers, engineers, builders – makers who want their high-quality products to be sustainable. Our materials offer a step towards a greener economy by incorporating plant fibers. And our mission is to make sure that step is easy.

The destination is greener goods. We know the way.


For Injection Molding

Trifilon BioLite® is a mix of polypropylene and plant fibers. It is delivered in standard granulate form for use in conventional injection molding equipment.


For Compression Molding

Trifilon BioForm® is mixture of thermoplastic binders with long plant fibers. BioForm® is delivered in standard sized rolls for use in conventional compression molding tools.


For Acoustic Treatment

Trifilon BioPhon® is comprised of biobased thermoplastic binders and optimized plant fibers. BioPhon® is delivered in standard sized sheets for use in sound absorption applications.


Why we Exist