Greener choices

More than a century ago Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius hypothesized that atmospheric carbon dioxide could increase global temperatures. But emissions of greenhouse gases increase each year and the production of consumer goods plays a large part. Trifilon helps makers who want to design attractive products that lower carbon emissions right now. BioForm® is a material class that mixes hemp with a thermoplastic binder. It's delivered in standard rolls of felt like sheets that can be molded and hardened with heat.


Sunglasses and Case in Trifilon BioForm Compression Molded Hemp Natural Fiber Biocomposite

Ready now

BioForm is used in conventional compression molding equipment to form curved, angled, or pressed shapes.

Application examples:

· Vehicle paneling

· Chair seats

· Sunglasses casing

· Sales displays


Trifilon Visits  Local Swedish Natural Fiber Suppliers

Eco merits

BioForm is made with an organic feedstock, so using it means taking a step towards a sustainable economy.

BioForm is greener because:

· Its plants sequester carbon

· It replaces factory-made ingredients

· It’s made nearer to customers

· It’s lighter and requires less transportation energy

· It's fully recyclable