Green marketing

We know many customers would happily search for and purchase eco-choice products. But many other consumers are still in the dark about sustainability concerns, especially as they concern each and every product sold and purchased. Simply telling customers there are eco choices on shelves has merit. Committing to a sustainability narrative is not only valuable for branding but for spreading its concerns.


EPIC PhantomBIO Suitcase Made in Trifilon BioLite Lightweight and Sustainable Biocomposite

Not an afterthought

We have sustainability built into the concept of the company, in our foundation. It was not an afterthought - a way to repurpose waste streams or add a badge to our annual report. Trifilon's business is finding ways to make plastics more sustainable, and we pass that purpose on to your company when you use our biocomposite materials. Our brand represents greater attention to and transparency in the manufacturing process. And that's a position we know customers will respond to.


In terms of opportunities, I strongly believe that that these are endless. We basically don’t have a choice anymore. Either we change our production paradigms and transform the industry from its roots. Or we will leave a sick planet to the next generations.”
— Antoine Charbonneau, Business leader in bio-based material industry


Looking organic

The look and feel of organic fibers moves consumer aesthetics away from looks that say products are standardized, chemical, polished. We might associate those looks with apathy or ignorance about the natural world. New consumer groups, especially milennials, want product choices that reflect the new understandings they have about the environment. It's a soft approach, but we believe seeing the organic fibers in our products has eco merits.