Build for the future

During the last century, the variety of artificial chemicals used to build homes, workspaces, and schools has multiplied exponentially. But the health and environmental consequences of our chemically diverse buildings is rarely considered. Trifilon wants to help the builders of more sustainable living spaces who want bio-based, safe building materials. BioPhon ® is made from hemp and a biodegradable starch-based binder, which is formed into fully biodegradable panels intended for installation as acoustic treatment.


Trifilon BioPhon BioBased Biodegradable Sound Absorption Natural Fiber Hemp Acoustic

Ready to install

BioPhon is installed like conventional acoustic materials. No special considerations. BioPhon is less messy and performs as well as other alternatives

Application examples:

· Office landscape walls

· School or daycare noise mitigation

· Floor-to-ceiling sound treatment

· Home sound insulation



Green points

BioPhon's organic ingredients mean the panels are biodegradable.

BioPhon is greener because:

· It's made with plants that sequester carbon

· It degrades when discarded

· It replaces inorganic materials

· It’s produced nearer to home

· It produces no inorganic air particulates