Replace fossils now

Conventional plastics are made with byproducts from petroleum, natural gas, and coal. That means children's toys have roots in offshore oil rigs, transport tankers, petroleum refineries, or hydraulic fracturing – industrial procedures that pose the risk of environmental catastrophe. Trifilon's materials reduce reliance on fossil fuels. BioLite® is a family of materials that mix bast-fiber plants like hemp with thermoplastics to form granulates for injection molding. Consumer products made with BioLite can trace ingredients to European farms.


Trifilon Biocomposite Suitcase PhantomBio Lightweight Durable Natural Fiber Eco Friendly travel gear

Ready to use

BioLite granulates are used in standard injection molding machines. No new machinery needed.

Application examples:

· Vehicle components

· Clothing hangers

· Luggage

· Kitchen containers

· Cosmetic packaging



Green credentials

Using BioLite replaces non-renewable feedstocks like petroleum derivatives, glass fiber, or chalk with plants that soak up carbon.

BioLite is greener because:

· Its plants sequester carbon

· It replaces factory-made ingredients

· It’s produced nearer to home

· It’s lighter

· It's fully recyclable