Eco-choice supplier

Trifilon is ready to ship BioLite® granulates to your injection molding machines now. That means you can begin producing sustainable-choice molded components right away. Contact us to hear about our production capacities. Using our long-fiber biocomposites in your products looks more organic and makes for stronger components than other "green" alternatives.


Trifilon BioLite Injection Molded Natural Fiber Hemp Hangers Biocomposite

Looking sustainable

Products with BioLite  display the Trifilon tag. It tells customers you are committed to circular economies, near-to-home production, reducing fossil dependence, and developing renewable feedstocks. Our brand also says you have upheld the quality standards that customers associate with your product. The bast fibers make BioLite stronger and stiffer than competing biocomposites. They will also weigh less than conventional plastic materials, giving a performance enhancement. And when molded BioLite looks and feels more organic. Its matte finish can be speckled with plant fibers. More product designers are finding that an organic look quickly communicates that customers are making a sustainable choice.


Trifilon Hemp Fibers For Lightweight Biocomposites

Promise of bast fibers

The technology behind BioLite makes it the best, high-grade biocomposite. First, it's easily processible. It does not present problems with fire associated with other bio-based composites. And BioLite can also be processed at a lower temperature meaning that energy consumption and cycle times can be reduced in manufacturing lines. Second, the long-bast fibers of BioLite's organic material means that it has mechanical advantages over biocomposites using other organic sources.  And often its exceptionally low density provides a material improvement as, for example, with lighter luggage or automobile parts. Third, the sorts of plants used in BioLite are advantageous when it comes to sustainability. Hemp crops are particularly good at sequestering carbon, a process researchers say is an important tool in hitting emissions targets.