Green sound

Indoor noise reduction in schools, homes, and workplaces has been linked to increased health and wellbeing. BioPhon® has been tested alongside other acoustic treatments and measures up to inorganic materials in their ability to lower decibel reflection. BioPhon outperforms many bio-based alternatives.


Trifilon BioPhon cutting to Size - Biobase Biodegradable Sound Absorption Acoustic biocomposite

They care it's organic

Just telling employees, students, parents, or customers that you have made an eco-choice in the selection of Trifilon’s building materials raises confidence and comfort. Our brand says you are committed to exploring technologies that lower the environmental impact on our lives and on the planet. And the choice of a fully biodegradable, organic building material is an assurance about the air and acoustic quality of spaces where we spend much of our time: offices, schools, and homes.