Do resuscitate those hospital bedsheets please


Trifilon is set to begin a 2 year research project together with 11 public and private partners investigating how to use waste streams from hospitals – like the fabrics used for bed linens – to produce polymer composites. Together with RISE, Swerea IVF, Region Uppsala, Västra Götalandsregionen, Region Skåne and Mölnlycke Healthcare, the project aims to dive into the mountain of used hospital textiles that is produced each and every day. The question: can we divert old bed sheets from the incinerator and instead use them to reinforce another useful material? And the key is to make it of consistent quality. Hopefully, our expertise in integrating strong, lightweight plant fibers in a polymer mix will be useful. One benefit of the textile waste stream is that it's fairly regular. With 60 000 tons of used hospital textiles generated each year, the opportunity is clear. The +5M SEK project has been given the green light for funding by Vinnova, which helps finance such circular economy initiatives.