Christmas gift tip with 20 percent less guilt


According to a new study from Unilever a third of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good. Just as said, "the eco-friendliness of your products is now assumed". Perhaps that's why our consumer guilt during a stressful Christmas season is growing every year. According to Sky Ocean Resque's survey a quarter of the respondents said they are going to be too busy to worry about how much plastic they use during the holidays (not to mention what ends up in the trash). The good news is that green demand is nudging suppliers in the right direction. They're getting better and better at delivering the social-/eco- goodness people crave. So if you're stressed and need a last minute tip, we'll un-guiltily pitch the PhantomBIO from EPIC, a travel bag made from BioLite. It is now conveniently available at Åhlens, Accent, and your local luggage shop.

Jeremiah Dutton