Green Light for Trifilon's BioLite® AP21

Trifilon BioLite AP21

After nearly two years of trials and refinement, Trifilon's BioLite® AP21 has passed all of the tests that its collaboration partner Plastal has put forward. With the final cold impact and high pressure blast tests getting the green light, BioLite® AP21 becomes the first biocomposite to meet the strenuois demands set out by the automotive industry for exterior plastics. While demands on interior components like door trim and dashboard panels are high, exterior components have to also meet and pass tough UV, moisture absorption, paintability and cold impact requirements.

According to Plastal's Manager of Engineering Services, Ragnar Sandmark, the collaboration with Trifilon to create a lightweight, more sustainable material for high volume production has produced positive results since it started in 2015. "We are quite satisfied with the results of the collaboration with Trifilon and see good potential for their BioLite® AP21 in several applications. It's cut weight in all the trials we've done and even out performed on the cold impact tests, which was surprising."

Trifilon's BioLite® AP21 is a specially formulated biocomposite that utilizes a polypropylene base reinforced with optimized hemp fibers.  Available in standard 3mm granulates, BioLite® AP21 has been engineered for use in conventional injection molding machinery and does not require any special equipment.   

"We're very excited to be moving into the next phase in our collaboration with Plastal," says Martin Lidstrand, Trifilon's found and CEO, "Given the focus on weight reduction and sustainability at the moment, we really hope BioLite
® can contribute to moving these positive trends forward."