Skanska considers BioPhon™ in fight for climate // We make the finals

Construction giant Skanska seems to like our BioPhon acoustic treatment, if progress in their competition called the Deep Green Challenge is any indication. We’ve been told that BioPhon™ has made the cut for the top 15 entries of construction innovations that would reduce climate impact. We ourselves find the technology in BioPhon™ especially exciting because, while the sound-insulating panels can be made with a blend of recycled PET and hemp fibers, we have also developed a special combination of eco-friendly hemp fibers and a bio-based binder. And that means a fully-biodegradable construction material, a rarity. Its potential for CO2 sequestration gives BioPhon™ its biggest climate credentials. But two other criteria for the challenge are that the building solution performs well and is easily adaptable to Skanska’s construction processes. Those match two of our core sustainability principles, so we like our chances to be named a finalist and win a major contract with Skanska. The announcement will be made in October.