How to make it in China? Win an award

SHFTZ Award.jpeg

We won an award! A campaign to explore new material technologies in China selected Trifilon and three other companies out of 60. It’s part of a from-the-Nordics showcase of manufacturing innovation, and we were told by an ambassador in China that we were the only company presented at an incubator trade fair in Shanghai. The award comes from an organization called SHFTZ, a gear in the larger effort to develop domestic manufacturing innovation called “Made in China 2025,” which has gotten some media attention in the West. The gargantuan potential in Chinese markets for consumer goods, automotive parts, and packaging, to name a few, is no secret. How to find a viable path to entry and operation in China isn’t always so obvious. But one in the long list of goals of the “Made in China” initiative is to drastically increase organic materials in domestic manufacturing, and fast. So “Made in China” hopes to offer schemes by which foreign tech firms partner with domestic players and money