How Brexit can clean the seas

The UK's 2019 departure from the EU is estimated to leave a gaping 13-billion Euro hole in the EU budget. What to do? The BBC reported that the EU is seriously considering a tax on plastic packaging to make up some of the shortfall. The European Commission will deliberate whether that tax is incurred at production, use, or disposal. While the massive revenue stream is the impetus for such a move, the enormous environmental merits are also key to the tax's proponents. Such a tax would incentivize companies to rethink packaging and consumers to reduce waste. It's a step towards the goals laid out in this draft manifesto from the EU about plastics in the circular economy (or similarly the Ellen MacArthur Foundation initiative the New Plastics Economy). One possible future we're contemplating -Trifilon only "rents" plastic out to manufacturers. More on that in the coming months.