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Maren Kring - Hampa Crusader

We had the pleasure recently of meeting a German photographer who has made it her mission to discover and report on the state of hemp cultivation in the world today. Maren Krings told us she’d only first learned about the versatility of hemp plants two years ago. But learning about their eco-promise – the ability to transform building, manufacturing, food, and textile industries among others – inspired her to photo-document crops and interview the people and companies who also see hemp’s potential. “I was a photographer and now I’ve become an environmental and sustainability advocate,” she said. “This has become my mission.” Replace wheat fields with this multi-use crop, she says. Maren has visited 17 countries so far and is hoping a crowdfunding campaign will help her complete a documentary book she plans to release in 2020. Even if the tide is changing, she said, hemp is still stymied by social and political opposition to its recreational strains. Maren believes education is key. Read about her project on her crowdfunding site. And support!

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