Assessing the life of BioLite


Trifilon is working on a Strategic Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) for BioLite, and we’re doing it with the help of the respected Sustain in Time (previously The Natural Step), a third party company that helps that process be more accurate and credible. Sustain in Time brags expertise in systems science, behavioral change, and social innovation among other things. The resulting report will help indicate what footprint our business activity - in this case producing and selling BioLite - has on the environment and society from development to delivery to end of life. Producing numbers from this bird’s eye viewpoint will help us support any claims that BioLite represents in fact a more sustainable choice for many companies. What percent CO2 savings does a company realize using our biocomposite versus pure polypropylene? But it’s a complicated business. For example, it’s easy to claim that using hemp in a product is a climate smart choice as hemp is an excellent CO2 sequesterer. But that’s not always the case if a forest was cut down to grow the hemp or if it was transported from China. Fortunately BioLite’s hemp is neither of those. Trifilon has made decisions we know represent a climate improvement for many companies. Our goal with the SLCA is to make our decisions more measurable. And that way we’ll have a benchmark for our future decisions and those of our partners.

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