A plastic parts U-turn

Electric car producer Uniti also shares our view that manufacturers can and should lead the way in developing greener consumer cultures. Despite the fact that the car industry accounts for nearly 9 percent of plastic consumption in Europe, recycling rules and practice are lacking to say the least. But Uniti has shown interest in using Trifilon’s BioLite and BioForm for components in their cars. We’ve floated the idea of “leasing” plastic materials to the car manufacturer. That’s not a profit scheme. Rather it would mean we would be responsible for repurposing the material after it is used. “We could definitely take back BioLite and BioForm panels and, for example, up-cycle them into new grades of our injecting molding material,” said Trifilon’s Jermiah Dutton. “If this partnership is finalized, we would have a sustainable, circular stream of plastic materials in our cars. It would reduce waste, for one. And with increasing depreciation costs, this gives us major economic benefits,” said Tim Unerman, Head of Composites at Uniti.