Minister visits to hear about hires

Helene Hellmark Knutsson visits Trifilon in Nyköping

Speaking of politics, on a hot summer Wednesday we received a visit from Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research Helene Hellmark Knutsson. On a trip to Nyköping, Knutsson visited the Trifilon plant to inquire about how a business grounded in sustainable technology had found qualified staff and if there was anything to be desired in the gap between education on sustainability issues and real-life industrial expertise. Not any more, answered Trifilon’s co-founder Martin Lidstrand, who informed the minister, her media staff, and Södermanland local politician Urban Granström who put together the minister’s visit, that Trifilon’s location in Södermanland gave them close access to the knowledge-pool in Stockholm and set them apart from the seat of plastic industry in Sweden located in Stenungsund. Lidstrand mentioned the sustainability/student staffing agency Sustainergies in particular. Martin also explained that the interest in Trifilon had come because of a delayed response by major manufacturers to develop sustainable material technologies using renewable feedstocks, a gap Trifilon can fill. A reporter and photographer for Södermanlands Nyheter also visited for an article in Swedish. Knutsson also heard about Trifilon’s size and future potential, and she asked if Martin had anything she should bring back to the government. Martin gave her BioLite granulates and a bag of Södermanland flax.