High Performance Biocomposites  

We develop and supply lightweight, highly functional biocomposites for a wide range of industries. By exploiting natural fiber's innate advantages, we create bio-based materials that are lighter, stronger and greener. 

Cost effective weight reduction

TRIFILON - FCP is an engineered biocomposite for injection moulded products. Our natural fiber reinforced biocomposite can give your product a 20% weight savings while still maintaining its strength and durability. As a bonus, it will also be more environmentally friendly.

Change without complications

We like to keep things easy. All our materials are "plug-and-play" and designed with the manufacturer in mind. Use our advanced biocomposites in your conventional manufacturing process and create breakthrough products. 


Materials for the automotive industry 

In 2015, Trifilon began a collaboration with a leading Tier 1 automotive supplier to create a new biocomposite for tomorrow's lightweight vehicles. Using our specialized knowledge of technical bast fibers, we developed a new breed of injectable thermoplastics. Light, but still strong, Trifilon FCP's will help tomorrow's cars drive a further on a little less.

Benefits of our specially engineered Trifilon FCP:
  • Weight savings up to 20%
  • Critical strength and durability maintained
  • Reduced environmental impact by 20% over the lifetime
  • Compatible with conventional injection moulding processes

Bio-friendly materials for the sports industry 

We at Trifilon love high speed sports and being out in nature. By tailoring the mechanical properties of our biocomposite, we create custom materials based on your product's high demands.  

Using our specially designed natural fiber reinforcements, lab results have shown:
  • a shinguard can withstand 200% more hits
  • a helmet shell absording more energy upon impact
  • a SUP board can be made 20% lighter and 30% greener

From drawing board to racetrack in 10 weeks

In 2014, Trifilon had the opportunity to help design and develop the 2014 KMS World Rally Cross Car.  Needing a composite that was exceptionally lightweight but still durable for the harsh rallycross environment, KMS turned to Trifilon for help. Using our patented combination of hemp and carbon fiber, Trifilon created biocomposite body paneling that was ideal for the rigors of this high performance sport.  

Kristoffersson Motorsport (KMS) operates Volkswagen Team Sweden and has a long, illustrious history in motorsport. Since 1992, KMS has competed in various top level Motorsports classes. After several successful seasons in Touring Car Championships, the team is back to its Rallycross roots. In 2015, KMS will run the entire European Rallycross Championship, picking up where it left off in 1997.